Kimber Feed Failure

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These videos show the failure of a Kimber Adirondack rifle to properly feed 300 Blackout cartridges. The bolt fails to pick up the top round, skimming just over the top of the brass.

The top round can be made to feed by jostling the cartridges, making sure that the rear edge of the top cartridge is flush against the side feed lip. However, that action does not assure that subsequent rounds will feed properly. Sometimes they do. At least half of the time, they don’t.

The problem appears to be either a flaw in the design of the follower or a weakness in the spring (or springs) supporting the follower. However, I am not an engineer, and the real problem may be elsewhere.

This gun was sent to Kimber for repair. It was returned with a note saying that Kimber could not replicate the problem.

2016-03-31 / Misc

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